What is HELIO?

HELIO is a solar powered flashlight, lantern, and power bank all-in-one. HELIO is a solar phone charger, a solar power USB charger for other devices, and solar rechargeable!
HELIO is ultra-efficient, water-resistant, sturdy, and portable. HELIO is great for camping, hiking, emergencies, gazebos, use as a night light, stargazing, or wherever your adventures may take you. HELIO is a true off-the-grid solution. HELIO will light your night with solar power and keep you connected. The HELIO flashlight, lantern, and power bank is for sale right now — Buy online.


Personal lighting features start with a utility solar flashlight, whose 15° light beam is driven through a multi-staged lens assembly. This design gives ample light in the focus area and provides mild off-center illumination enabling peripheral vision. With a 150 lumens, this solar flashlight is bright and environmentally friendly.

HELIO's solar powered lantern mode makes doing close tasks at night comfortable. The 28 4000° Kelvin white LEDs are diffused through multi-staged diffusors. The light is pleasing to the eye and minimizes shadows. Compared to other solar powered lanterns, HELIO’s portability and built-in solar panel are clear advantages.

Because sometimes night work requires you to see things close while preserving your night vision, we provided you with a red solar lantern function. The red lantern has 26 LEDs, diffused and colored red to maximize vision and minimize shadows. The HELIO solar flashlight and lantern lets you see what you need to see up close—and also see deep into the night. When you need a flashing light, HELIO's white solar powered lantern and flashlight combine to provide a bright, mixed warning light—mixing both the focused beam and the diffuse light for maximum visibility in a variety of circumstances.

All three HELIO lighting modes include today's most efficient LEDs and LED driver circuits to ensure the highest power light with the least battery consumption. Each of the three HELIO lighting modes have three power settings.


The HELIO solar charging system provides a full 1 watt of solar charging power to the portable solar power bank. We use today's best solar charge controllers, so you can capture the maximum amount of energy throughout the day. These charge controllers protect your HELIO's batteries from overcharge conditions, they also manage HELIO charging from the USB port, and provide a level of thermal management not found in most personal portable power banks.

When it's time to charge your phone, the 10.5 Watt USB charging port will power up your iPhone, Android phone, tablet or other device quickly and efficiently. In no time you'll be reconnected to the digital world. Whether you need to make an emergency call or for streaming video, the 5200 mAh Li-Ion battery in the portable solar power bank makes sure you have enough power to stay connected.

The HELIO solar power bank, flashlight, and lantern is for sale right now — Buy online.

Why Choose HELIO


Large 5200 mAh Li-ion battery powers your life for days

Solar Panel

Highly efficient solar panel lets you charge off the grid

Flashlight & Lantern

Light up any situation perfectly with 10 different lighting modes


Charge your phone anywhere, even far from an outlet


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Makers4Good presents HELIO: an ultra-efficient solar lantern, flashlight, and power bank that keeps you going through all your adventures. It can charge your smartphone, and it can brightly illuminate your entire nocturnal trek. In Infinite Mode, HELIO needs just one hour of solar charge per day in order to stay lit indefinitely. HELIO is the world's best outdoor solar light, and makes an ideal companion on all your outings.

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Your adventures with HELIO also help others around the world. Makers4Good wants everyone to have access to light and power; therefore 100% of profits from HELIO will be used to provide solar light and power where they are needed most. Your purchase directly supports the important work our nonprofit partners are doing to bring a little more light to the world.

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I love this light. Very Sturdy, and so versatile. I'm glad I bought 2, have one in my car and one at the house. Great for Power Outages, although have used mine for "Extra Light" ... I think my old flashlight feels abandoned.

Amazon Customer Review

It is everything that is advertised as. My only regret is that I didn’t get more! I’ll have to do something about that.

Amazon Customer Review

I purchased this product through the Kickstarter program. Once it arrived and my husband (a general contractor) figured out everything it is capable of doing he brought it to his job site and said it is the most invaluable tool he has right now. Compact but bright enough to use while crawling under a house, and can be used it to charge his phone too! My only issue is that I didn't purchase more!

Kickstarter Backer Review (on Amazon)

HELIO Solar Light & Powerbank is such a wonderful product and it helps support a great cause! I backed this project on Kickstarter and ended up giving it to my dad for Christmas. He has diminished vision capacity and often needs to have a flashlight handy. He loves the multi-brightness functions, and the durable hinge which allows him to spotlight projects that he works on, but the best part is NO MORE DEAD BATTERIES. This light is always ready to go. Now everyone in my family wants one!

Kickstarter Backer Review (on Amazon)

Health Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar energy is clean. That means, as an alternative to burning fossil fuels, there are no fumes, no smoke, and no respiratory and cardio health threats. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of solar energy is that it results in very few air pollutants.

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