Brighter Together - An Update From Remote Energy

Last month Makers4Good announced the partnership with Remote Energy to distribute HELIO solar flashlight and powerbanks in Benin. Remote Energy responded with a status update that follows:


 We recently conducted a PV training with a number of young women from Niger.   Each of the participants were given a lamp to take home to their community.    Here are a few photos….

Roumanatou will keep one for her immediate family as they experience frequent blackouts. The second will go to her mother in Aguie so that she never has to worry about light or charging her phone. 

Nafissa is a rural nutritionist and often travels in the bush. She will now have light and be able to work into the evening. The second will stay with her mother who experiences frequent blackouts. This will also allow her younger brothers, who Nafissa supports, a longer study time.

Maria has electricity in her home in Niamey, but there are often blackouts. She plans to keep one charged to use during blackouts for light and to charge her cell phone. The second will go to her mother, who lives in Maradi.

Djamila has no electricity in her home. She plans to use the first Helio so that she can read or finish reports in the evening. The second will be used by her younger brothers who currently study by flashlight. Djamila is a rural nutritionist who works with expectancy mothers and children under 5 to improve child survival rates and decrease malnutrition.



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Brighter Together - Remote Energy and Makers4Good